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Sally Ranney interviews President Jimmy Carter, 2014 AREDAY Summit, Aspen, CO. Interview begins at minute 31:47.

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A Matter of Degree

investigates the barriers and benefits of implementing a clean energy economy and addressing today’s changing climate. We gather the lions and leaders of industry, visionaries, and the brightest minds to reveal their work and ideas for solutions to climate change. We condense complex issues into simplified usable information so you, the viewer, are empowered to act.

A Matter of Degree is the media arm of eraGlobal Alliance.

Sally Ranney Knows What Matters

“Climate change is a whole systems problem,” Ms. Ranney said, “and therefore needs whole systems solutions. That’s why TEDx is essential. It raises the bar. By bringing together a broadband of sectors, people from different disciplines and perspectives, TEDx MileHigh creates a rich ground from which to mine ideas and stimulate creative collaboration.

Ms. Ranney added, “Climate change is the most complex challenge ever faced by humanity. The voice of women and youth is grossly underrepresented. They are impacted the most, and yet, they are a game-changing force for solutions."


Sally Ranney's Upcoming Engagements

Sally Ranney

Speaking at the IUCN Congress in Sydney, Australia - Nov 12-19, 2014 

Attending UNFCCC COP 20 in Lima, Peru, December 1-12, 2014

Rights of Nature Tribunal, Lima, Peru, December 5th & 6th, 2014

People's Climate Summit, Lima, Peru, December 9-12, 2014

WECAN US Summit, May 3-4, 2015, Washington D.C.



Sally Ranney - Anchor

Ms. Ranney has over thirty years experience in the private and public sectors dedicated to environmental, land, water and energy policy.

She is President of American Renewable Energy Institute and co-founder of its annual AREDAY Summit held in Aspen, CO., CEO of Stillwater Preservation, LLC, a wetlands mitigation banking company, and President of Rising Wolf International, Inc.

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